Our Mission

"The army is the true nobility of our country." – Napoleon Bonaparte




The mission of Bolster Academea is to help people develop their individual strengths and capacities to the fullest possible extent through holistic education. Our mission is to see that within few years the standing Defence Forces to have majority of Officers trained by Bolster Academea . Today for every course in Officers Training Academy majority candidates join are trained by Bolster Academea . For SSB Training for every serious Defence Career aspirants Bolster Academea is the first choice. For SSB Training the career in the Defence Forces as an Officer is an elite one and when a candidate report to Bolster Academea for SSB Coaching or written coaching we understand the seriousness of the issue and our responsibilities towards the candidate to achieve his dream goal, that is the very reason that the product what we have created is the best and unmatchable. 15 years of experience, country wide network, vast outdoor task area for SSB Coaching huge team of professional trainers and state of the art training facilities put together emerges a product which is matching the aspirations of our potential officers.

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Indian Armed Forces have a reputation of being one of the finest in the world and offer a very chall... 


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